Italy up close

Every blog must have a first post, and this is ours.  Welcome.  We travel to Italy each year, inspecting properties, talking serious business and enjoying food and wine that just can’t be found anywhere else.

In this journal, I will share my own feelings and observations about traveling in Italy.  It’s always a journey where a little magic is waiting just around the corner, if only you look.  The men playing cards every day at the piazza, a street musician on a medieval instrument you have never seen or a painting you go back to once more before you leave the Uffizi.  The things that change you in some little way.  The things you will tell your friends about, if only you could put it into words.

Instead of a travel guide, I would prefer to tell you some of the things that you will not find written about elsewhere.  Italian experiences that may be one of a kind, never to happen quite the same way again.

Like your next trip to Italy.

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