Arriving at Montegufoni Castle

Arriving at Montegufoni CastleMidway between the two little towns of Montagnana and Baccaiano in Tuscany lies the Montegufoni Castle.  In our journeys around the country, it’s always welcoming to come here for a few days and make our home in a real castle.


The massive doors open up into a colorful internal courtyard that sits beneath the bell tower.  If you are fortunate to have a blue sky, the contrasts are lovely to look at.


Walk into the grand salon and make a right to find the reception area.  Letizia or another staff member will greet you with a warm smile.  Check in is very simple and in a moment you have your room key.


You won’t find a television here, which is actually a very good thing.  The owners decided long ago that the sounds coming out the windows would destroy the special ambience you find here.


There is so much to see in and around the castle that you can spend much of your time here if you want.  Built in various segments since the 10th century, you can see the influences of several different periods in Italian history.  The tower was modeled after the one at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.


During the second world war, the art treasures of the Uffizi were kept here to avoid the bombing and destruction that was going on in Florence.


From Montegufoni Castle it is easy to reach the classic hill towns and wine producers of the Chianti region.  Florence can be reached in around a half hour, and places like San Gimignano, Greve, Barberino val d’Elsa and Siena are also easy to get to, either by highway or by way of the winding and scenic country roads that characterize the area.


You can find a list of our apartments at Montegufoni Castle here.  If you think this is the kind of experience you would enjoy, let us know and we would love to chat or email you about it.


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