Asolo is simply beautiful

Asolo Bello villa in Asolo, Veneto, ItalyWe drove into Asolo yesterday and were immediately taken by the comfortable charm and northern Italian ambience of the streets.  Asolo welcomes you with the characteristic Veneto flair that delights and fascinates.  You want to leave your car immediately and walk through the town.

Asolo is an artistic and cultural center that hosts numerous festivals throughout the year in celebration of film, food and other necessities of life.  It is a popular destination for Italians who want to experience the style and extraordinary good taste that Asolo offers.

Our villa Asolo Bello offers a sample of Asolo that you can have for yourself while you are here.  Perched in an enviable position above the town in view of the city center below and the Rocca on the neighboring hill, there just aren’t many houses like this in Italy.

The owner is a woman of extraordinary taste and style and she has expressed herself fully in the restoration and decoration of this Veneto farmhouse that has been in her family for decades.

The house offers three beautiful bedrooms, three bathrooms and a scenic terrace for poolside relaxing.

Asolo provides a multitude of activities to nourish your inner artist and your outdoor enthusiast.

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