Amalfi Coast Music Festival and Institute

The Amalfi Coast of Italy, a stretch of mountainous peaks crashing into the aquamarine waves of the Mediterreanean sea, is dotted with numerous picturesque Italian villages that offer many different ways to indulge in this beautiful vacation spot.  La Costiera Amalfitana is rich in cultural history, boasting world famous historical sites such as the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in the town of Positano, and it continues to hold a spell over world travelers and movie goers alike.  The highly sought-after landscape of this coast has been featured in films like “Only You” and “Under the Tuscan Sun” and you will fall in love with the sun drenched beaches just as soon as you feel the sand in your toes.

While this vacation region features delicious seafood, tasty liqueurs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and unique handcrafted ceramics, I gave myself the challenge of searching for a hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast that may not be so well-known.  I found what I deem to be the icing on the cake of the Amalfi Coast’s charm — The Amalfi Coast Music Festival and Institute, located in the town of Vietri sul Mare.  The Institute has a vision that embodies a community of musicians learning from each other and making music together, inspired and enriched by the tradition of beauty in all things Italian.  For about one month every summer, nestled in the valleys of the “gateway to the Amalfi Coast” as this town is called, the Institute offers master classes, private lessons, and coaching with distinguished faculty from around the world.  The school nurtures the talents of opera singers, pianists, chamber music and quartets, and wind instrument performance.  I can only imagine the excitement of working under the tutelage of world-famous singers or musicians and collaborating with other internationally diverse students to perfect the music skills that have been a life-long passion.  Set amongst the backdrop of the green mountains and next to the sparkling sea, a visit to the Institute and its accompanying festival must surely be an unforgettable experience that is draped in Italian culture.  During the instructional period, there are numerous opera performances, daily instrumental performances and concerts, and collaborations between students, professors, and special guest artists.  The festival productions take place at landmarks all across the Amalfi Coast, which makes for a creative and innovative series of musical enjoyment for vacationers as well as an unprecedented performance venue for the students of the Institute.  I think it is really neat that the Institute welcomes students of all ages, which surely makes for an eclectic variety of skills and experience that fuse into a beautiful harmony of musical melodies.

This summer the Institute runs from July 1-26, so if you are planning on visiting Italy around that time, why not schedule your time so that you can attend the Amalfi Coast Music Festival? While you will undoubtedly will be taken aback by the natural beauty of the Coast and the friendliness of its people, nothing can beat the added delight of heavenly opera music and piano concertos resounding through the ancient cobblestones of the seaside villages.  You can find out more information about the Institute and Festival at

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