How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket in Italy

If you think that Italy is still a land of fast and reckless driving, you might want to think again. With the encouragement of the European Union, Italy has stepped up its enforcement with lots of electronic cameras and a point penalty system for Italian citizens.

It’s serious business, and if you get a ticket, you had better pay. We found out the hard way last year with a ticket in Liguria that set us back 180 euros!

This year, we decided to check out the web site for the Autostrade, which publishes the kilometer location of each camera. When we mapped our travel routes, we also printed out the lists of cameras and paid attention while we were driving. What we also discovered is that in each case, there is a warning sign at least 100 meters ahead, which gave us plenty of time to slow down. We noticed the Italians doing the same thing!

There are two types of surveillance systems on the highways, called Autovelox and Tutor. Here is where you can print out the locations for each.

Autovelox locations
Tutor locations

For more information, click here for an overview.

The more you know about driving in Italy, the more you will enjoy your stay!

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