30 Days on the Road in Italy…Day 12: Umbria

Come with us as we explore Italy and check out properties for Gira! Italian Vacation Rentals.

Umbria Italy countrysideUmbria has a special place in our hearts, because this is where the idea for Gira! began, back in 1998.  Our first online catalog contained only a few modest but lovely villas in this region.  From our own experience staying here, we can understand why it was not long before Italy travelers found the site and began reserving their holiday rentals through us.

We have made great friends in Umbria.  We have attended their weddings and watched their young families grow.  We have traveled with them to other parts of Italy and have enjoyed innumerable feasts at their homes.  Of course, Umbria is Italy’s green heart. And it’s a good part of Italy’s soul as well.

Borghetto di AssisiWe were thrilled to find out we would be staying at Borghetto di Assisi, one of the finest properties we offer in Umbria.  It’s located in an area of gently rolling hills with a view of the hill town of Sterpeto just ahead on the horizon.  It’s a great place for a family reunion or gathering of friends, as it can accommodate up to 16 guests.  The country roads all around are perfect for long hikes and there is a family run trattoria just up the hill, on the way to the quaint hamlet known as Rocca Sant’Angelo.

On our first evening in Umbria, we hop in the car and head for a short visit to Assisi, which is only about 15 minutes away.  It’s a little drizzly, so we only take a short stroll to Piazza del Comune and walk back to our favorite hangout in Assisi, the Irish pub and pizzeria called Finnegan.  Here you can relax, watch a soccer game and choose from a long list of pizza selections and beers.

We go back to the villa and rest up for our days of site visits and touring in Umbria.

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