30 Days on the Road in Italy…Day 17: Tuscany

Come with us as we explore Italy and check out properties for Gira! Italian Vacation Rentals.

Villa MimaYves is a well known French comic actor and mime. He is also the proud owner of a first class Tuscan villa, not far from Montespertoli. Hence the name of the property–Villa Mima, the villa of the mime. He greets us in the parking lot of his estate with a wide and welcoming smile. As we come into the villa, he introduces us to his friend Roberta, and his dear French mom, who is staying with him. They are both busy at their laptops and cheerfully say hello.

Villa MimaYves has written a book about acting technique, using the body to its full potential to create and express the emotions of the actor. He speaks as proudly of his new publication as he does about his fabulous villa.  Villa Mima has gone through a new renovation in the past year and new features have been added to make it the premium accommodation it truly is. The heart of the renovation has been in the interior, with new bathrooms added, carefully selected bedroom furnishings and bathroom fixtures and an upgraded kitchen area. Many of the hallways have the feel of an art gallery, with the rich and clever reproductions he has chosen to display.

Villa MimaThere is a an improvement planned to the outdoor terrace because last year they had a wedding there and everyone danced through the night on the grassy lawn. Yves knows how much fun his guests have and he is absolutely delighted with it. We are ready to leave, but instead he invites us for coffee and puts some Miles Davis on the sound system. Before we realize, it’s a new party and these are our new fast friends. We begin to make jokes about anything and everything and Yves and his loved ones join in. He invites us to come back and stay, and we know that when we do, it will be great fun.

LizabettaFrom here, we take the autostrada to Lucca to see Lizabetta, a beautifully maintained classic villa in the countryside only a few kilometers from the walled city of Lucca. It offers a setting with extensive grounds, perfect for strolling and enjoying an afternoon lounging by the pool. We explore the three levels of this beautiful villa with the caretaker, who lives on the top floor. We are extremely impressed with the taste of the owner, and the comfort of the furnishings.

We asked our friends in Florence to pick a restaurant where the locals love to eat. They take us to Perseus for dinner and we are not disappointed. It’s definitely filled with native Florentines and not tourists and the menu is rich and diverse. We have come with one thing in mind – the bistecca fiorentina, Florence’s fabulous cooked steak. After some appetizers of tempura vegetables and tuscan beans, we realize that we have ordered too much, but when the steaks arrive they are done to perfection. We leave the place pleasantly plump and satisfied.

Tomorrow: Our last day in Tuscany

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