30 Days on the Road in Italy…Day 25: Ispica

Come with us as we explore Italy and check out properties for Gira! Italian Vacation Rentals.

Today we depart from Ortigia, and are under the spell that Sicily has woven for us.  The modern A18 autostrada takes us most of the way to our destination.  Once we are off the highway, it’s easy to follow the directions to Torre Moresca, an enticing luxury villa just outside of the town of Ispica.

As we found in Ortigia, this part of the island is rich in Baroque architecture and history. The nearby towns of Noto, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa are fabulous showcases of this historical style.

The owners of Torre Moresca take us on a tour of their beautiful villa, set on a high position with views of the surrounding agricultural lands and extending out to the sea. They explain that from nearby Pozzallo it is easy to take a day trip to Malta, where there is lovely scenery and interesting shops and restaurants.

Torre Moresca Ispica Sicily The villa has an important history, as it once was ancient Saracen watchtower, and in its past it has been a summer villa for wealthy Sicilians. It can sleep up to 14 guests in 7 bedrooms and 8 baths. As an elegant 5 star villa, it also has a helpful staff and in-house chef.

Ispica Sicily Torre Moresca

We were really happy to be invited to sample the cuisine offered here, and enjoyed a first class lunch with the owner and the villa manager. It featured several courses of regional seafood dishes, including squid-ink pasta and a delectable fish filet, set off with a local white wine selection. Most impressive!

Tomorrow: Agrigento

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