30 Days on the Road in Italy…Day 29: Taormina

Come with us as we explore Italy and check out properties for Gira! Italian Vacation Rentals.

From San Vito lo Capo, it’s a bit of a drive to reach Taormina — from the far northwest of Sicily to the eastern shore.  Sicily is a big island, but much of it can be reached in a single day.  Nowadays, the autostrada is state of the art in many parts of the island, and it’s possible to go around the coastal areas, or across the center easily.  When you see the nice bridges and tunnels, you will think that Sicily has received a generous portion of the public highway funds.  And, if my eyes are not playing tricks on me, there is less graffiti decorating the infrastructure in this part of Italy.

On reaching Taormina, we check into Villa Pirandello, which features a rooftop terrace with a marvelous view of Isola Bella just before us.  Just outside the villa is a bus stop that we can use to reach the town center, which is up above us.

Today we meet the owner of several villas, a resourceful and well-connected guy who tells us a lot about the area, and occasionally moves into subjects more philosophical and literary.  We are happy to speak the language, and this is a fellow who really tests our vocabulary and grammar.  He takes us in his car and we see some villas, including his and some others.

Villa Amelia is well positioned to enjoy a close view of the sea, which includes Isola Bella. It’s on the coastal road on the lower part of town, and is also convenient to the funiculare that will take you up to the historic town center.  The villa sleeps six and offers three bedrooms and three baths, as well as a small pool in a scenic position.  The amenities are nice here, including wireless Internet access and air conditioning.  There is a steep but manageable driveway that takes you up to this cozy setting.

In nearby Acireale, Villa le Agavi offers a panoramic setting above the city and looking out to the sea.  The owners have created a pleasant setting with a pool and a loving tended garden.  They offer us a coffee and light refreshments as they talk about some of their celebrity clients from the past, and magazine articles featuring the property.  In different configurations, the house can be rented for 6, 8 or up to 14 guests.

Tomorrow:  Taormina, our final day on the road!

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