Today’s Italy Travel Tip: Have Some Fun Watching Italian TV

Recently, we were visiting the town of Gubbio in Umbria and came upon a production company making a TV series.  After asking a few questions, we learned that they were filming an episode of “Don Matteo”, a popular series on RAI TV now in its eighth season.

That night, we turned on our TV at the villa and there was Don Matteo himself, the humble priest who works closely with the Gubbio police chief to help solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice.  It was so much fun to watch.

Game shows, variety shows and talk shows are all across the dial, as well as many of your favorite series with dubbed voices.

It’s challenging if you’re not familiar with Italian, but lots of fun to watch and you increase your language skills just by listening.  Some game shows involve word play, and this can really help with vocabulary.

Here’s a link to the RAI page where you can choose from short features and some longer shows.  The most popular series may be limited to Italy viewers, but there is still a lot to watch:

The other major network, Mediaset, can be found here online:

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