Today’s Italy Travel Tip: Pick the Right Season

Italy is a joy to visit any time, but there can be certain advantages to choosing the time of year you go.

The most popular time to visit is during July and August, the height of summer.   This is most convenient for families, who tend to be limited by school vacation schedules.  If you go during this time, you can be assured that there will be a lot going on in terms of festivals, gallery shows, even street music.  It’s the best time to rent a villa with a pool and spend some time enjoying it.  In the major cities, you can expect lively crowds.

But if you are able to consider other times of year, you can save some money and still enjoy  nice weather and traditional events.  The months of May, June, September and October tend to be the mid-season months and prices of accommodations will come down during these months.  In the past few years, these times have generally provided good weather and Italy is as wide open and welcoming as during the high season.

Also, the further south you go, the longer the season.  We recently visited Sicily in November, and found it to be balmy, uncrowded and as fascinating as ever.

And for something truly unique, consider a stay during the holidays.  Italy is become ever more popular for Christmas, New Years and Easter.

If you are considering an Italy trip, contact us and we can give you some additional pointers about the best time to visit.

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