What is a ‘Chiavetta’ and Why Would I Need One?

The Internet is an important part of Italian life, and there are various ways to access it. If you are carrying a smart phone, this will usually have access. If you are carrying a lap top or iPad, it’s possible that your villa will include either wireless (WiFi) or connected access.

Otherwise, you can look into purchasing a ‘chiavetta’ at one of the mobile phone shops that you see in city centers, train stations and shopping areas. A chiavetta is slightly larger than a thumb drive and connects to a USB port on your computer. It accesses the Internet through the mobile phone system. Where there is a good signal (which is an ever expanding area) it can provide speeds that range from adequate to very fast. If your villa turns out to be in a blind spot, the problem can usually be solved by going into the village for a coffee with laptop in hand, or talking a walk to a more open area.

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