Sacre Monte – The Sacred Mount above Lake Orta

We often find ourselves going back to Orta San Giulio, the warm and friendly medieval town on Lake Orta.  There is something artistic about it, to be sure.  But there is also a sacred atmosphere here as well.

This year we visited Sacre Monte, a beautiful and spiritual estate just above the town.  Here we found a fascinating complex of chapels devoted to episodes in the life of Saint Francis.  Construction was begun in 1583 and ended in 1788.

Moving from chapel to chapel on a rainy day in early November, we were entranced by the images created by the beautifully preserved terracotta figures contained in each one.  There was no crowd that day, so we were able to take it all in virtually alone with them.

What a joy it was to discover these ancient and entertaining scenes!






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1 Response to Sacre Monte – The Sacred Mount above Lake Orta

  1. Joseph Ford says:

    Wow! Such a fantastic country–and such great artistic traditions!

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